Passion Flower in Medical History

The medical history of Passion Flowers includes the Maypop used by Native Americans to make tea infusions to treat insomnia, hysteria and epilepsy. The Maracuja species in South and Central America were used for medical purposes as well. In modern times, the Passion Flower continues to be used for cooking and baking desserts. It is also used for creating juices and alcoholic beverages that contain a tropical essence. Aside from these uses, the Passion Flower is used today for as an herbal medicine to treat sleep disorders, anxiety and other pains such as headaches.

The Passion Fruit of the plant is now a commercial good and one of the major species, Maracuja, is cultivated in the Caribbean, Florida and South Africa. The Maracuja comes as either a small purple fruit or a larger golden yellow fruit.

Over the course of its history, the Passion Flower has been cultivated in non-native regions as well as native regions due to the popularity of the Passion fruit in a number of ethnic cuisines as well as the health benefits and medical purposes that people can take advantage of from the fruit as well as the plant. The Passion Flower has an old and fascinating history that can continue to be researched to uncover the many aspects of its use and cultural traditions.

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