Passion Flowers by John Vanderplank

Passion Flowers by John Vanderplank is a fantastic reference book about passion vines. Vanderplank's passiflora book is considered a writing about passion vines and it is loaded with beautiful images of passion flowers in their natural habitat.

Passionflowers: A Pictorial Guide
Passionflowers: A Pictorial Guide

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A Pictorial Guide is a new and comprehensive photographic atlas with nearly 1000 new color photographs illustrating most of the wild species of Passiflora known to science. Simple to use, the species are arranged alphabetically. The geographic range is given for every species, based on the latest verified identifications from world databases. This is the first reference book on passionflowers published in more than 15 years. The author Ronald Boender is an expert on passionflower butterflies and a pioneer in breeding and exhibiting butterflies. In 1988 he developed and opened the first commercial butterfly farm and public exhibition in the Americas, called Butterfly World, in Coconut Creek, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The splendor of more than 280 wild passionflower species as they appear in nature, as well as 11 hybrids, represents the culmination of the author’s 30-year fascination with this exotic genus and his more than 120 trips to Costa Rica and Ecuador observing and collecting the vines. This is a wonderful gift for any nature lover or gardener or anyone interested in tropical plants or nature photography.